SaFForD LifE...


Jordan and I moved to Arizona just recently, the reason is Jordan got a promotion down here and working for his friend who hired him. Jordan works for the Forest service as a AFMO ( Assistant Fire Management Officer) before that he was a smoke jumper. We moved from Missoula, MT to Safford, AZ.
Since we moved here we've moved from hotel to hotel and finally stayed at the trailer house by the ranger district which was nice because Jordan didn't have to drive for 40 minutes each way every day and I see him very often during our stay there. Unfortunately the weather here got so bad and I couldn't stand living in the trailer anymore it feels like an oven inside when it is 100 degrees outside. We have found a house to buy here and just waiting for the closing and all the paperwork to be done but we are expecting it would be in mid July before we could move to our first house ever! We are very excited to be settled in and have our stuff back again, especially to have my own kitchen back! I cannot wait...

Right now we live in this Bed & breakfast house, shown the picture above. It is an old house it has 3 bedrooms and has kitchen its a neat old house all the stuff inside is all antiques, the owner did some upgrading with the house and yet the house itself looks been there forever. They added two cottages behind the house, one has kitchen inside and more space but already rented through december. The other one cottage is just a small room, we are suppose to move to this one but I decided not to due to our enormously stuff not having enough room and space for us, too.

Because we are staying at the main house we have to share with other guest and the bathroom. Sometimes its not easy for us for not having a privacy. And the owner of the B&B is just right next door to this house which is they are always present here every day.  For me, its not really comfortable sometimes when they are around. Luckily, we don't share very often with other guest.




I was so excited the other day for going to Phoenix for my interview at immigration for my permanent residence. The interview went well it didn't take too long except I had to go see a doctor to get more vaccine, since I didn't complete my shots in Philippines because I thought I can run away from the needles and unfortunately I had to take 3 shots at a time the other day! Until now my arms are still tender and sore. Whatta life!
But its all over now I'm just glad its all done!
While I was at the doctor's clinic I was so impatient couldn't wait to go to the asain market. I bought so many ingredients that are not available in the local stores and I couldn't wait to cook in my own kitchen again. I was so happy on our way back home despite of my achy arms! I can't wait to go back there again..

pictures frOm oUr mOtOrCycLe tRip staRteD iN mONtAnA tO AZ.

We just had so much fun with this trip... Last month Jordan and I flew back to Missoula, MT to moved out our stuff from the storage. It wasn't hard moving stuff because we had somebody to do it from a professional company movers and the government paid everything for our move and our other expenses such as lodging and foods everyday. 
It was very sad leaving Missoula, my friends makes it very hard for me to leave and so the other things I liked about Missoula. I miss going to shopping mall with my friends, too! hmmp!

We rode on our motorcycle back to AZ and took us a week to get here part of it we had a rest day with my parents in law in Durango, CO it was fun. 

We started our motorcycle trip in Missoula on saturday and stop that night in Salmon, ID and the next day we stopped spent a night with my brother in law in Victor, ID. Both days are very cold and with rain on and off. 
Go on, monday it wasn't bad except the strong wind going through Wyoming and spent a night in Vernal, UT it was a long day in the bike. In Vernal the weather starts better the whole way of our trip. We didn't find a nice restaurant the foods are just OK, the town wasn't a bad size I probably would choose to live there than Safford as I can remember.

The next day we stopped for a night in Nurita, CO, the scenery on our way there was beautiful, both of us never been there so we didn't know what the town looks like. I was disappointed when we got there the town was very small and only have one small restaurant a bar grill right next to the highway. The next morning we left without breakfast coz the hotel we stayed in don't serve breakfast and we didn't wanna go to the restaurant so we got on the bike and ride find somewhere to eat.
 We rode through Grand Junction a nice place to stop for lunch, and so we stopped when I took off my helmet and put it on the seat it dropped on the ground accidentally and broke, I couldn't ride with my broken helmet so we had to find a motorcycle store to get me a new helmet, was nice since I wanted to get a girly helmet before I broke my old one. Guess what color I get?! Sure its black and pink...
And we finally got to Durango to meet my parents in law. The next day, thursday our day off from riding we took the train to Silverton, my first time in the train ever. It was a lot of fun scenery was gorgeous, it was 4 hours in the train each way when we got to the town it was already past noon and  only had 2 hours for lunch and to wander around the small tourist town and headed back to Durango. 
Had dinner in the famous restaurant around downtown Durango lots of tourist says it has the best foods in the town so we tried, it was a busy night, the foods are good.
Yeah... the next day was sad saying good bye to my mother in law she is such a sweet lady, like me!...
And yeah that's all, we headed back here in AZ that day feeling sad and wanted to go back to Missoula. I still have a hard time until now accepting the truth that I have no friends in this strange place. Just reminiscent the summer days with my friends in Missoula makes me wanna cry but I know I will be fine soon. I feel good thinking about us leaving here in a few years and to move somewhere nicer and live there for long time. I know its a long ways to count but it will come!