mOrninGs sessiOn...


Since we are moving around places to places, I have a hard time with my daily routine. Now that we are staying at bed and breakfast and share the place with other people. I get up early in the morning and have breakfast, "its very unusual" for me Jordan always say that. I love to stay in bed late, I get grumpy when I don't get enough sleep. Anyway the kitchen is quiet around 6am-7am and I don't have to share with others, when the owner cooks for the other guest they always take the whole kitchen. Sometimes when I get up late and the kitchen is crowded I have to wait until its clear, by the time I get breakfast is almost 11am and starving. 
I been really good getting up early though but moody.

I like to go for a walk early in the morning that's been my favorite time of the day, the air feels wonderful and the flowers around the houses yards are beautiful and smells good. If I waited until 9 am its already hot to go for a walk. 

The rest of the day is boring! Except the cooking time, I spend hours to decide what to make for dinner. Cooking is fun for me I love it, its like adventure when I try new recipes I basically don't follow the ingredients when I don't have it, very often.  

When I cook its always good for four people or more, I have a hard time maintaining with only for a couple. So you guys don't hesitate to come in for dinner in our house there's always foods for you. I know, Jordan's been complaining about his belly he eats too much because there is plenty of foods always, the good thing is I don't let him starve!

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