mOvinG in?!

Its jUst mE... nO nEw piCtUres, sOrry , yoU gUys pRobAbLy tirEd loOkin' at mY faCe!

Days have goes by really fast since the few months we've been here in AZ,
Despite of all the moving situations.
Everyday I ask Jordan if he had heard from the realtor about the house.
Its been 2 months since we signed the contract and I suppose it should be done
by this days. Although they have told us it would be in the mid of July till we can 
close the contract.
But we just got a good news saying, we might get the house by the end of this month. And I am very excited about it! I can't wait to see our stuff organize again and get my bikes (Patricia and Jake) back to their new house.
I figured it isn't hard to get around Safford by bike, I feel like I know the town for long time. Well, in such a small town I wouldn't get lost. I'm much more worried about the people around me in public. 

I like going to the downtown and walk around though there is nothing interest me except one of their thrift store in town. I been collecting any kinds of books for 10 cent each and now I have a bundle of them in our tiny room. I thought I could have my library someday.

Oh, I just can't wait to move in to our new house it's just makes me happy to think about it and all the excitement jumping in me! Meanwhile, I am getting stress picturing the works it will take a tons of time to organize everything. It would be fun!

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