I am A hAppY girL...

At bEd aNd brEakfAst, pAtiO.

I had a nice time on my birthday, I thought it was the best birthday I ever had.

Thanks to Elise and Mom for their wonderful and lovely gifts on my birthday. How thoughtful of you guys, you all made me feel special on my birthday.  And thanks to my love you are the best! Am so happy I found such wonderful and loving husband, words are not enough to express how I feel for you... I am so blessed I have you in my life.


Our FutUrE hOmE!

Jordan and Bullets, the house inspector guy. Everything looks good up there?

mOvinG in?!

Its jUst mE... nO nEw piCtUres, sOrry , yoU gUys pRobAbLy tirEd loOkin' at mY faCe!

Days have goes by really fast since the few months we've been here in AZ,
Despite of all the moving situations.
Everyday I ask Jordan if he had heard from the realtor about the house.
Its been 2 months since we signed the contract and I suppose it should be done
by this days. Although they have told us it would be in the mid of July till we can 
close the contract.
But we just got a good news saying, we might get the house by the end of this month. And I am very excited about it! I can't wait to see our stuff organize again and get my bikes (Patricia and Jake) back to their new house.
I figured it isn't hard to get around Safford by bike, I feel like I know the town for long time. Well, in such a small town I wouldn't get lost. I'm much more worried about the people around me in public. 

I like going to the downtown and walk around though there is nothing interest me except one of their thrift store in town. I been collecting any kinds of books for 10 cent each and now I have a bundle of them in our tiny room. I thought I could have my library someday.

Oh, I just can't wait to move in to our new house it's just makes me happy to think about it and all the excitement jumping in me! Meanwhile, I am getting stress picturing the works it will take a tons of time to organize everything. It would be fun!


mOrninGs sessiOn...


Since we are moving around places to places, I have a hard time with my daily routine. Now that we are staying at bed and breakfast and share the place with other people. I get up early in the morning and have breakfast, "its very unusual" for me Jordan always say that. I love to stay in bed late, I get grumpy when I don't get enough sleep. Anyway the kitchen is quiet around 6am-7am and I don't have to share with others, when the owner cooks for the other guest they always take the whole kitchen. Sometimes when I get up late and the kitchen is crowded I have to wait until its clear, by the time I get breakfast is almost 11am and starving. 
I been really good getting up early though but moody.

I like to go for a walk early in the morning that's been my favorite time of the day, the air feels wonderful and the flowers around the houses yards are beautiful and smells good. If I waited until 9 am its already hot to go for a walk. 

The rest of the day is boring! Except the cooking time, I spend hours to decide what to make for dinner. Cooking is fun for me I love it, its like adventure when I try new recipes I basically don't follow the ingredients when I don't have it, very often.  

When I cook its always good for four people or more, I have a hard time maintaining with only for a couple. So you guys don't hesitate to come in for dinner in our house there's always foods for you. I know, Jordan's been complaining about his belly he eats too much because there is plenty of foods always, the good thing is I don't let him starve!


Good Restaurant in Safford????



The Manor House is probably the nice and decent looking restaurant in Safford, we have been there twice
and wasn't satisfied with the foods and quite expensive too.  There are lots of Mexican restaurant around here but am not that crazy with their foods. There are three chinese restaurant also, the other one is called Safford style, it was just OK, if you don't want to be disappoint yourself don't go there. The other two are not bad I could eat there than the other restaurants here. I wouldn't suggest going to the fast foods here, I've heard around from my friends that besides unhealthy its filthy, too.
So if you want a decent dinner, I'm inviting  you to come in to our kitchen sure you will find a luscious, mouthwatering foods there!





 This month has been a good start of my days and hopefully it'll continue throughout the rest of days.  Yesterday good news are over flowing for me.  And today I almost meet a filipina at the store but, she went home early this morning, I talked to the cashier and give her my phone number to give to her filipina friend.  I am so excited for all of this. And mY birthday is Coming! 
I got a letter from immigration yesterday, saying that I was approved for my permanent residence and they will sending me my GREEN CARD in 3 weeks. 
I am wondering why it called green card, we'll find out when I get it from the mail! 
It will be my second biggest birthday present this month, oh, what a relief!

There will be a possibility I'd go back to Philippines to visit Sheena and work on her paperwork. I am excited!